Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where's the Bean!?!

Kiernan has started taking dance classes at a local studio...she LOVES it!!

She takes ballet & tap, and seriously those little dance shoes are the cutest things EVER (even though they cost more than prom shoes). Pretty much they're learning to point their toes, stomp their feet, and wave their arms in the air. So, actually, I'm paying someone to refine her tantrum throwing abilities, but she looks lovely doing it.

Dance day is pretty funny. They put the beginner class in the only room without a big window to watch through, there's just a small window in the door to the room. So every saturday 8 little princesses show up, dressed to the hilt *guilty*, and stomp around the room for an hour while 10 parents manuver for a good position at the twelve-inch wide window. It's like watching water buffalo jockeying for position at the only pond in the area...all you see are well dressed rear ends with Dooney & Bourke bags swinging off to the side knocking each other out.
Believe it or not, I do not hang out at the window, I find it a little painful to watch. Kiernan is one of two 4 year olds in the class, the rest are 3 and have been in dance previously. Being a tall child in general, she is the tallest in class...with the least skills. She's actually caught on very quickly, but the first few classes I really thought she had simply inherited my Klutz gene. I just couldn't watch.

Yesterday we were getting ready for class & Kiernan declared:
K: Mom, I need a bean.
Me: A what?
K: A bean mom, for dance.
Me: *beat* Huh?
K: A BEAN Mom, you know...a BEAN.
Me: Uhhhh. To eat?
K:*getting teary* Why can't I have a bean? I want a dance bean! *tears treaming*

We do this for 10 minutes, finally I ask her to show me a bean...

K: *dragginig me into the bathroom & handing me a comb* Here mom, I need a dance bean. *points to head*
Me: *pause* OHHHHH, you want a BUN!
K: YES MOM!! *said like I'm stupidest mom on the planet*