Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow much fun!!

Last weekend was the 5th(?) annual Coleman family snow trip. For our family it was actually the first annual, since this is the first year we've been able to attend. What a great time we had.
The kids really enjoyed hanging out with Aunts, Uncles & Cousins for the weekend. There was a lot for us to do...we ate, played games, ate, did puzzles, ate, watched movies, ate, and went sledding. Did I mention that we ate. A lot. All weekend long.

Unfortunately Jacob was sick when it was time to go, so I stayed behind an extra day with him, hoping he would get better quickly. Sadly, this meant that he wasn't able to go on the ski trip that he & Mike had been planning. Luckily, Kiernan was able to go, and she loved it. She did a great job & hardly complained.

The Uncles (and Aunt Tina) did a fabulous job building some great sled runs right behind the cabin. We had a small one for the toddlers, and a long spinny, twisty one for big kids and adults, which we called The Luge! So Fun. Oh yeah...then there was the one that Mike & Scott made that went under the snow. That's right, it was a sled run through a tunnel! No joke, check out the pictures to see.

Jake stayed sick until nearly the last day, which made him sad, but he's already looking forward to next year. Here are a few scenes from the trip...enjoy:

Mom & Jake helping each other out, after sledding off of the track & into the trees!

Jacob heading back up the hill for another run.

Couple of snow bunnies, after riding the Coleman Family Luge together.

Jenna coming out of the tunnel slide that Uncle Scott & Uncle Mike built...super cool!!

Some of the Coleman gang out for a wild ride

Kiernan's first ski trip...just her and Daddy.

What a fast learner

Looking good, while having fun.

Go, Go Kiernan!!

Jake The Destroyer.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I left my friend in San Francisco...

Mmmm, Mimi's!

Us on the BART...this is taken after the transvestite (in very snappy heels) but before the cussing rapper & his highly embarassed friends.

Woo Hoo...We look like hot escapees from Alcatraz. Did we actually leave the hotel like this, no. Did we actually buy the same exact shirt, yes! Great taste can't be denied.

Two weekends ago my BFF -Texas style came out to California. Melanie flew in on thursday & left on Sunday, just enough time to get into a little trouble in San Francisco! I left early from work to pick her up a Oakland airport, because we were staying in Pleasanton for the weekend. Here's how the weekend began:

Mel: I've landed, are you close?
Shel: Yeah, about 1 hour. I'll call when I get there.

45 min later... (have you seen me drive?)

Shel: Okay, I'm here. Man this weather sucks (pouring rain outside). Are you outside?
Mel: I'm in Terminal 1, pick me up there...
Shel: Terminal 1? There aren't any terminal numbers here?
Mel: There aren't?
Shel: No, it's pretty small. Are you outside?
Mel: I'm looking for you. Where are you?
Shel: What do you mean? I'm right outside the terminal...
Mel: No, I mean where am I?
Shel: Huh?
Mel: Are you in San Francisco?
Shel: No. I'm in Oakland...didn't you book your flight here?
Mel: (mumbling in backgound) Uhhhh, I'm in San Francisco.
Shel: I'm sorry...what?
Mel: They lost my reservation, it must have changed when I rebooked. Oops! Sorry.

Luckily Mel & I are pretty laid back in regards to vacations. We just drifted from thing to set schedule. It was great! It was so fun hanging out with Mel again, in spite of the nasty weather. We spent a VERY productive day in San Fran (maybe a little too productive...) and then puttered the rest of the weekend. 3 movies and one very bizarre manicure later we were feeling pretty relaxed.

I took her to several "California" restaurants, and an old Texas favorite or two (yum, Cheesecake!), while taking in the San Fancisco "scene". We thought the transvestite on the BART was pretty interesting, until the rapper got on...dancin' & cussin' in the seat right next to us. Mel yells, "Sombody get me off of this train!"...she obviously did not grow up in gang country! :) Luv' ya girl...always making life fun!

All of this can be yours...

Well, we close on the house Feb. 28th. In two more weeks all of THIS *insert sarcasm here* will be ours! We're especially proud of the Harvest Gold tile & fixtures in the kitchen, and the one time gold carpets throughout the house. We got some exciting *sarcasm, again* news last week...the house has mold (not the bad kind) in one wall, and termites (ground treatment only). Yay! Projects!
We had plenty of time to back out, but we really see potential here so we're going for it. You are looking at the next 5 years of my life people! As a matter of may be looking at the next 5 years of your life too (Dad, Scott, Chris, Russell, Hee Hee), so prepare yourselves! *evil grin*

Monday, February 4, 2008

Moving on, in, up, oh whatever...

Well, we finally did it...we found a house! I could tell you about all of the drama surrounding the purchase of this particular house, but let's just say it's done. Moving on. Or, should I say moving in?

Here is the link to the MLS for the house:

Suffice it to say, it's currently a pit of rotting carpets & dated fixtures...but it's our pit. We found a foreclosure in a very nice neighborhood, 2650 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, living & family rooms, dining room & large bonus room. Oh yeah...and a pool. Did I ever mention that I don't like owning a pool? I don't like owning a pool. There...I said it. But, it's part of the fabulous foreclosure deal that we got, and hopefully I will come to enjoy it. We like our schools, not sure about our ward (the reviews are mixed), and the lot is 10,500 sq. ft.

There is so much to be done to it, but I suppose I have the rest of my life for that. Take a peek & tell me what you think...I'm hoping to send out really good before & after pictures some day.