Thursday, August 28, 2008

If you've got it call me!


I can't find my camera!!

Kiernan's birthday pics...the sharks, the swimming, the poolside tutu, GONE.

It's gotta be here somewhere. I'll keep looking. :(

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to school

Kindergarten! We made it.
This week Jake & Kiernan started school together for the first time. Kiernan did really great & seems to really like her class. Luckily she has lots of friends that she already knows in her class so thats a lot of fun for her. She's been very careful with her wardrobe choices, and I've still been able to put her in pants which is nice. She's such a disaster when she wears dresses, her skirts are always in the air. She fiddles with her clothes alot. On top of all of the new school drama it is also Kiernans birthday. She is the first kid to take cupcakes to school, so we wanted to make them fun for the first week. I borrowed an idea from my sisters Hello Cupcake Book & made sunflower cupcakes with little red M&M cute!
Jake is in a really good class this year with a lot of great kids, we're really looking forward to a great year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's an illness..

Seriously. Somebdy should stop me.

I ironed a swimsuit today.

For Kiernan.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just a few hours ago I had a thought. LITERALLY, two hours ago I was happily watching tv thinking, "Hey, Kiernan hasn't had any accidents for several months?! Whew. She must have finally grown out of that stage. YAY."

That was a few hours ago.

I was cooking dinner tonight talking on the phone with Michelle when all of the sudden I hear hysterical screaming from Jakes room. I don't immediately get off the phone, because really, this isn't the first time I've heard screaming coming from that room. Well, Jake comes running into the kitchen looking a little panicked & yells at me that "Mom, Kiernan's stuck!"

*pause* Stuck? Okay, stuck really can mean several things here. Foot stuck in a shoe? Hand stuck in a drawer? Leg stuck in some pants? Or, in one case a few years ago, head stuck in a chair slat. (Also Kiernan, in case you were wondering) Well, I put the screaming together with Jakes statement & hustled into Jakes room to find this...

Apparently, "stuck" means K tried to get something from behind the big heavy dresser & somehow twisted around enough to get wedged in nice & tight. I imagine it's the same kind of magic she used when she got the nut "stuck" on her finger last summer. It sounds like an easy fix...but it's not. The dresser was so heavy I couldn't budge it an inch! I tried to move her, but she was nice & tight. I'm sorry to say that as I poked & prodded to try to get her out of this mess I could not stop laughing! Is that bad? Am I a horrible mother? Finally I had to call Mike (one of many such calls that I have made to him over the years).

Me: I need you to come home now. *hysterical screaming in the background*
Mike: What. Why?
Me: Kiernan is stuck, just come home please. *giggle*
Mike: How...*laugh* did she *snicker* do it this time?
Me: *snort* If you come home you'll see... *hysterical screaming continues*
Mike: Did you get pictures*guffaw*?

Well, what else was there to do while we waited for dad to rescue us, than to get some pics. She really was okay, just REALLY mad at Jake. Apparently there was something HE wanted back there & he told her to get it because she was smaller. Apparently not small enough.

60 years together...

Congratulations Grandma & Poppy on 60 Years Together!!
Last week was the culmination of many weeks of intense party planning by my family, to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my moms parents. We love Grandma & Poppy for so many reasons...not the least of which is how much they love us! When I was gone they would always tell me how much they missed us & wished we were here. Now that we're home they never fail to tell me how glad they are that I'm back. They have been constant companions & we often see them holding hands & constantly asking after each other. Here are some pics from the 40's themed evening, hope you enjoy.

The theme was 1940's with a USO spin, because it was during WWII. The colors were red, white & blue. The cake was lovely, I got it from Eddie's Bakery & we were very pleased.

NOTE: Navy Blue buttercream icing=Navy blue teeth, Navy blue fingers, Navy blue coating on the kitchen sink and Navy blue colored chilren for the rest of the evening. I was in charge of the cake & opted for icing because it was $40 less than fondant. In retrospect, turning the elegant party guests into giant Smurfs, while entertaining, was probably not the way to go. I was cutting & serving and WHOA, that stuff's like napalm. Sticks to EVERYTHING it touches, I was scraping blue from under my fingernails for a week.

The great grandchildren. What you can't see in this picture is the appetizer table directly in front of them. Once they figured out it was there they were in for the long haul.

The grandchildren. My sisters & grandparents. We had such a fun time (mostly) doing this for them & were so happy that they enjoyed their evening. I'm glad I was here to celebrate with them.
Dinner. An elegant affair in the living room...Stefanie managed to find plenty of crystal & china to do things up right. Her tables were gorgeous, my food was pretty dang good & didn't Michelle look lovely? :) *whispering* p.s. that's her boyfriend greg sitting across from her.

Opening presents with lots of help from the great grandchildren...

Me, Stef & Luke in our 40's gear. Admittedly the paci wasn't quite "era appropriate", but I wasn't going to argue with him. Look, we're smiling! If it's not a surprise to you that we're happliy cheek to cheek, then you need to call me more often! Stef & me planning a party together is a bit like...ummm, uhhh, well I don't really know. Any body watch Desperate Housewives? Bree & Katherine...yeah, like that. Luv ya sister!!!

Mom & I relaxing, notice the rotating fan behing us? Yeah baby, that's why I'm sitting there. Whew, party over.