Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

Okay, so I've been tagged a gazillion times to do this 25 things blog, I keep ignoring it because I can't imagine anything more boring Yet the tags keep coming. So here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you!
1. My middle name is Rebecca, named after my moms best friend in high school who passed away.
2. I HATE the smell of toothpaste, it makes me gag.
3. I have worked as an archeologist. On actual excavations.
4. I have worked as a Yosemite Park tour bus guide.
5. I have worked as a zookeeper.
6. As a Zookeeper I got to: arm wrestle an elephant, give a girraffe a bath, rock a baby monkey to sleep, carry around a 65 pound boa constictor for an evening, and scratch the tickle spot on a giant galopagos tortise named Knobby.
7. I have terrible hearing. I have 80% hearing in one ear, and 40% in the other. That is an average of %60 of normal hearing. Sorry if I ask you to repeat things.
8. I used to really hate my mom.
9. My mom is one smartest women I know, I can go to her for anything.
10. Having children is making me do all of the things that I didn't like my mom for.
11. My kids are the best!
12. I always wanted to have 6 kids.
13. Apparently God didn't want me to have 6 kids. Go figure.
14. I only have Asthma when I'm in the valley. So, living here makes me sick. Literally.
15. I love sewing.
16. I'm a very messy person.
17. BUT, I'm also very organized. I don't get it either.
18. My sister Michelle is the funniest person I know! My sister Stef is the craftiest.
19. My sisters are the main reason I wanted to move back to Fresno.
20. My husband is the absolute best Dad ever! If it weren't for the patience thing, he would probably be a better mom than I am too.
21. I hate walking on bare floors! It creeps me out.
22. I'm a secret romance novel addict.
23. My favorite vacation ever was to DisneyWorld with Mike & Jake!
24. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
25. I AM Daddy's girl.

Okay I tag Melanie, Stefanie, and anybody who wants to do it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking for a tasty treat?

You can just call her...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dance Fever

Last night was the Daddy/Daughter Dance at Kiernan's school. The school opens up the cafeteria, decorates it, calls in a DJ, and serves punch & cookies. All in all it's very much like a young single adult dance, but with less root beer.

We had heard that several of the Daddies dressed up for this particular night, so Mike was going to do it right. He called me in a panic on his way home from work that day:

M: I didn't get her flowers!
S: Okay (me thinking this is really setting a presedent here)
M: Where can I go to get some?
S: I don't know, the grocery store?
M: Okay, I'll go there.

It took SIX phone calls(literally, you can look at my phone) from the store to get this flower and get him out of there before midnight.

"red or pink"
"carnation or rose"
"arm band or pin"
"one or two"

Not only did he think of the flower, he even borrowed his dads fancy car! I think this may be the most he's had to think about a date in 10 years! They had a great time, and danced all night long. Here are a few quotes from Kiernan that day:

K: Mom, I need potion.
S: You need what?
K: Potion mom, just like you put on your face.
S:I wear potion?
K: Yes mom, you need potion to make you pretty.
S: *sigh*
(In case you didn't figure it out "potion" is "lotion")

(in back seat of car, sitting with her friend on the way to the dance)
K: My daddy and I are on a date. That means we can kiss.
M: WHOA! Hold on there! Hey now!

And finally, not dance related but funny anyways:
(while eating our cereal for breakfast)
S: Kiernan, you gave me a soup spoon, I need a regular spoon to eat with.
K: No you don't mom, you need that one.
S: Are we out of regular spoons?
K: No mom, but your mouth is HUGE!
Here are some pics from the evening. The first one K is telling daddy that she wants the flower in her hair, not pinned on her, she doesn't want to get stuck. "How do you know that Kiernan. I'll be careful" "Pins hurt, mommy has stuck me". Oops, My bad? Also, you see several of the little girls lined up waiting to be seated at dinner...several of the dads got together and took the girls to Applebees for dinner before the party.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coleman Family Snow Trip 2009

The first weekend of February was the Coleman Family Snow Trip 2009. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, and cousins all had a great time up in Shaver Lake. Here are a few out takes:

Inside the house was all fun & games. Check out the rousing game of Boggle going on, they must have been a bunch of cheaters because everyone is hiding their papers. There's also a pic of the breakfast brigade, 23 people to feed breakfast, lunch & dinnder to everyday. The uncles all got busy with a morning breakfast of crepes and pancakes. Yummy!
No, you are not seeing things, that IS Kiernan & Lanais in their swimsuits waiting to go outside. The uncles were kind enough to take the lead and they went out with most of the kids into the spa each night. They trekked across ice & snow in bare feet and swimsuits for a little winter fun.
Here is a pic from the Family snowball fight Saturday morning. Kiernan was trying to make a sneak attack on another fort, but as you can see, Uncle Scott caught her in the act.
And finally, a short video for your entertainment. Ths giggles should tell you just how much fun was being had all weekend long.

For Amber

As requested, some close ups of Kiernans room.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kiernans Bedroom

#1- Sisters Rock! Especially sisters who rescue photographs from rebellious cameras that refuse to behave for their owners.

#2-Well, it wasn't Target that did me in...I found a camera at Walmart last night. Hah! Just in the nick of time.

Aaaaaand finally, some pictures:

Kiernans bedroom. My favorite part is the chandelier above her bed.

The bedroom set was mine when I was younger, my mothers before that, and my grandmothers before that. It contains 2 twin beds (only one is in the room), the dresser, a vanity table, and a bench. I've always loved it.

My dad built the cornice box over the window for me. It's so great to be able to just describe something I want and he can just slap it together!

Not the best shot of the painting in the room, but you get the idea. The walls are light pink with a white pinstrip border and dark pink swirly embellishments.
The vanity table. I love the Barbie prints next to the table, they're so girly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Camera Rage

Okay, So I've had several pictures that I've been wanting to post for awhile now, but my stinking camera won't release them! It taunts me by showing me the pics on that teeny tiny view screen looking all cute, and then I hook it up and I SWEAR I can hear it cackling at me while it makes all kinds of "download" type noises and then produces NOTHING. No pics, zip, zilch, zero. I swear this camera has been the bane of my existence for awhile now. I think I have some kind of camera jinx, they never seem to like me. The feeling is mutual.

Let's see, I have pics of Kiernan & Jakes finished bedrooms, Mike dangling from the tops of trees with a giant knife to cut branches (what every wife loves to see), and a few pics of some recent craft projects. I have several trips coming up (first one is tomorrow) and NO CAMERA!!!!

So now I have camera rage, my bitterness is consuming me right now. I have a feeling this anger will turn into an ill-advised last minute trip to the store to buy the cheapest digital camera I can find that will eventually turn out to be a mistake. I
will try to avoid Target for the next few days.