Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kiernans Bedroom

#1- Sisters Rock! Especially sisters who rescue photographs from rebellious cameras that refuse to behave for their owners.

#2-Well, it wasn't Target that did me in...I found a camera at Walmart last night. Hah! Just in the nick of time.

Aaaaaand finally, some pictures:

Kiernans bedroom. My favorite part is the chandelier above her bed.

The bedroom set was mine when I was younger, my mothers before that, and my grandmothers before that. It contains 2 twin beds (only one is in the room), the dresser, a vanity table, and a bench. I've always loved it.

My dad built the cornice box over the window for me. It's so great to be able to just describe something I want and he can just slap it together!

Not the best shot of the painting in the room, but you get the idea. The walls are light pink with a white pinstrip border and dark pink swirly embellishments.
The vanity table. I love the Barbie prints next to the table, they're so girly.


Melanie Rossi said...

I love it! Especially the painting you did on the wall!!! Very good girl!

Amber Staub said...

Shelby, I love it!!! It all looks beautiful and very girly. Now I need close-ups of everything. I agree with Melanie, nice job on the walls. Your work is always impressive. Where did you find the Barbie pictures.

Gwen Hawkins said...

OH my goodness!! Love love it! sooo darling!