Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Camera Rage

Okay, So I've had several pictures that I've been wanting to post for awhile now, but my stinking camera won't release them! It taunts me by showing me the pics on that teeny tiny view screen looking all cute, and then I hook it up and I SWEAR I can hear it cackling at me while it makes all kinds of "download" type noises and then produces NOTHING. No pics, zip, zilch, zero. I swear this camera has been the bane of my existence for awhile now. I think I have some kind of camera jinx, they never seem to like me. The feeling is mutual.

Let's see, I have pics of Kiernan & Jakes finished bedrooms, Mike dangling from the tops of trees with a giant knife to cut branches (what every wife loves to see), and a few pics of some recent craft projects. I have several trips coming up (first one is tomorrow) and NO CAMERA!!!!

So now I have camera rage, my bitterness is consuming me right now. I have a feeling this anger will turn into an ill-advised last minute trip to the store to buy the cheapest digital camera I can find that will eventually turn out to be a mistake. I
will try to avoid Target for the next few days.

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