Friday, October 31, 2008

Purple People Eaters

When we had dance class this week the teacher told us to bring the girls Halloween costumes to class. I was very apprehensive about taking Kiernans actual costume (white satin, head to toe) in to sit on the dirty dance room floor, so she took Cinderella instead. I have really gotten my moneys worth out of that costume! Let's see...2 Halloweens, 2 amusement parks, a birthday, dozens of great pictures, and one happy little girl. Worth every penny! (Just don't ask how many actual pennies it cost me)

About halfway through class they came out, got dressed up & took the mommies back inside for a quick musical number that they'd whipped together the week before. While Kiernan is a bit easily distracted, overall it was a very cute surprise. Luckily mom had the camera for once! Enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Jacob had soccer practice yesterday.

There was ONE puddle in the field.

A girl would never end up like this.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pickin' Punkins!

This week was our Kindergarten trip to the pumpkin patch. In a fit of nostalgia I decided to go to the patch with Kiernans class. I remember loving the trips to pick pumpkins as a kid. The farmers would be out in the field to cut them off of the vine for you & you'd haul it back all covered in dirt, weeds and pumpkin snot. Those were the days.

I have to admit I was a bit disollusioned when we got there and I saw the giant boxes of pumpkins sitting out in the fields. They weren't filling the boxes...they were filling the "field". It really wasn't that big of a "field" either. Was it actually like this when we were kids and we just didn't know? Small fields filled with harvested, washed and pruned pumpkins strategically placed to look like they grew there? Gah! I guess it's true, what you don't know really won't hurt you. (Until you grow up, realize you were lied to by your parents, teachers AND farmers you don't even know...THEN you're scarred for life. )

Here is the class in the hats the teachers got for them for field trips. While I admit that its was a bit of genious on the teachers part because we could find those kids anywhere within a half mile, I was a bit saddened that it clashed with Kiernans "fall overalls" and matching sweater ensemble with coordinating brown mary janes. :) *just kidding*

Here she is on the Hay Ride...minus the hay apparently. One would think that if you're going to call it a Hay Ride that there would actually be some HAY there! Not so much. Maybe the financial markets are so bad that Hay Rides all over the country are doing hayless. Who knows?

My Princess Pumpkin Picker! She found a good one. It must have come in from Mexico before she "picked" it in the "field".
By 11am she was toast. No one brought the snacks so we had a crop of cranky kindergarteners whining to go home. Apparently the magic of a pumpkin patch only lasts so long.

Tag. You're it!

Stefanie tagged me with an easy one. I was supposed to go to my pictures and get the 4th picture in the 4th picture file. I admit I was nervous because I have some totally lame-o pictures in there. Like pictures of fabric, or towels....Boring!

Luckily it wasn't a nasty pic without makeup or hair done either. Here it is...Bella's birthday party. My good friend Tracy, whom I've known since high school (possibly longer since we went to the same elementary school), was having her daughter Bella's 1st birthday party. Jake, K and I went & had a really fun time with the gang.

Okay, while I try to pull myself together to actually blog about current goings on around here I tag Tracy, Melanie, Amber, and Natalie (Messick). Four people to find your 4th file folder and post the 4th picture in that cheating (luckily I didn't have to) :)

P.S. Sorry for the blogging dry spell, my camera has been out of commission & I don't like blogging without pictures. It's not as fun. I'll be back in business hopefully this weekend.