Friday, October 31, 2008

Purple People Eaters

When we had dance class this week the teacher told us to bring the girls Halloween costumes to class. I was very apprehensive about taking Kiernans actual costume (white satin, head to toe) in to sit on the dirty dance room floor, so she took Cinderella instead. I have really gotten my moneys worth out of that costume! Let's see...2 Halloweens, 2 amusement parks, a birthday, dozens of great pictures, and one happy little girl. Worth every penny! (Just don't ask how many actual pennies it cost me)

About halfway through class they came out, got dressed up & took the mommies back inside for a quick musical number that they'd whipped together the week before. While Kiernan is a bit easily distracted, overall it was a very cute surprise. Luckily mom had the camera for once! Enjoy!

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