Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 101

Every year my parents host a pumkin carving contest at their house. The family, friends, and neighbors come by to share yummy soups & other fall foods, then we all get carving. My parents set up the kitchen for food and the garage for carving. All of the carving supplies are provided by them, all you need is to bring a pumpkin!

This year it was a little smaller party than normal because of my dads knee surgery, but we still had a fun time. In the end all of the pumpkins are lined up and everybody votes on two kids winners & two adult winners...there are even real prizes provided by my parents! This year Kiernan won a gift certificate to target...she was thrilled.

The concentration is heavy & it actually gets quiet because everyone is hard at work.
Auntie Michelle had strong focus, I guss that's why she's one of the winners.
I sat at the kids table. All I can say is thank goodness for kid proof carving knives! I thought I was going to loose an eye. Evan especially got into it with a "power knife", the dang thing ran on a battery to saw back & forth!
The final products...

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Melanie Rossi said...

Shelby- your pupmkin is very creative, but sick! You must have been really sick of all the same old stuff and had to come up with something different!

Kiernan looks so dang cute and that is a super cute pose! And Jacob is looking handsom!! Love the costumes! You didn't dress up? You always do!