Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the anatomy of a princess

Yesterday was our very first parent-teacher conference for Kiernan. I was eager to go & hear about how she's doing in class & with the other students. She's always been very personable, but still, you never know.

We didn't learn anything too surprising, it was all very generic:
"She's a very sweet girl blah blah blah, get's along well with others, blah blah, gets all of her work done, blah blah." The usual.

Then we got to her samples of work; Letters-good, numbers-good, comprehention-good, and finally her storytelling skills. For this they drew pictures & added a word or two. The teacher had 4-5 samples of her work. So she asked a question & the kids would journal about it, for example:
What do you want to be when you grow up? *picture of a princess*
Who is you favorite tv charachter? *picture of a princess*
Find something in our classroom & write about it. *picture of a princess*
It's free writing today, write about anything you like. *picture of a princess*

You see where I'm going with this right?

Well, while I do wish that Kiernan could find other areas of interest I don't have a problem with all of the princesses, per se. I have more of a problem with the pictures themselves. First, let me say that Mike was at this meeting also, watching the clock the whole time as far as I could tell, but there nonetheless. As the "princess" pictures flip by I am begininng to see a recurring theme...they are all ANATOMICALLY CORRECT! They are all girls, so I'm sure you can imagine which part of the anatomy I'm talking about.
Here let me attempt to give you an example (they are essentially elaborate stick figures, by the way) try this:


Do you get what I mean?!?!?
EVERY PICTURE!!!! I was dying & trying NOT to look at Mike because I knew he'd loose it.
My question is...where did this come from??? She certainly wasn't imitating me. *i wish* Is that how she see's the princesses? Does she notice all cleveage? Do you need those to be a princess?

Is it possible for something to be hilarious & terrifying all at the same time?

All I can say is... mortifying. No one said a word during the meeting about "them" but I was dying to ask if other kids do that? Maybe she learned it in class? But I was a little afraid that she would be the only one. Well, here's hoping that she grows out of this phase. SOON.


Stefanie said... are so in trouble when she gets to her teens!!! LOL!! Love ya' Sis!! I'll be here when she is for support.

Melanie Rossi said...

That's funny! Hopefully she'll have big boobs when she grows up because she obvioulsy wants them!

Amy and David said...

That is hilarious! Emily has started drawing boobs or even noticing--but truly that is hilarious!

Kristie said...

I remember when Aladdin came out - I was around 13 yrs old (and incredibly lacking in that area if you know what I mean). I totally noticed Jasmines...I mean really - if you watch some of those movies and think about it - most of them are VERY well endowed. Maybe that's what's wrong with America - the whole body image thing starts with Disney prinesses! Oh dearie...

Carianne Moore Family said...

So funny! Makaylie totally notices too. She even made me buy her a boob shirt (cami) to wear under her clothes!

Amber Staub said...

That is so funny. I would have been cracking up laughing. You held it together really well.