Tuesday, May 12, 2009


What do the following items have in common...

A car jack

A Jeep

A chain

An axe

And a shovel?

Answer: They are all yard tools when my husband gets his hands on them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road Trippin'

Next weekend my sister Stuffy and I get to go on a road trip with Daddy. Our daddy, that is. Our baby Sis Mush will be off frolicking in the waves of Mexico with her boyfriend "Uncle G", and Stuffy & I will be in the back seat of the Yukon alternately taking naps and picking on each other, much like when we travelled as children.

Actually, I may get in the front seat, it is MY spot after all...I am the oldest, I've earned it. It's funny how these things are a given. Like, when we go somewhere with Mom in the car I drive, even if my sisters are there. Why do I drive, you ask? Have you ever ridden in a car with my Mom? Hmmm! Really she isn't a bad driver, but it's not exactly relaxing either. That's not to say that I'm "Suzy Safe Driver" myself. My parents came to visit me in Texas once and my father still tells everyone the story about how I gave him chest pains because I blew through downtown Houston on a major interstate, at night, while texting. I really thought he was going to have a heart attack because of my driving. So I texted Mush to tell her about it. Looking back it wasn't the brightest idea...but he sure loves to tell that story!

So anyways, Mush is frolicking while I ride in the front seat alternately mocking Stuffy and most likely reading a book. While both of my sisters are fun to travel with, I have a little bit more fun with Mush...because she is soooo much easier to tease. Stuffy is too much like me for me to pick on. We did in fact have Mush convinced once that cows had shorter legs on one side of their body so that they could stand up straight on a hill. Priceless. She was 16.

Stuffy on the other hand likes games. Most likely we'll have a deck of cards or some other form of entertainment to keep us busy. We're going to Redding, it'll be a good 6 hours or more on the road, and my Dad will most likely drive straight through. I'm a terrible car traveller, which means I don't like it, not that I can't do it. I would rather go through labor again than go on a road trip across the country, but don't tell my husband that. He still thinks there's a chance I may accept a road trip at some point...Fat Chance, I say. Anyhow, Stuffy & I will plot, plan, chat, and play...all the way to Redding. Maybe we'll start planning Mush's wedding to Uncle G...not that they're even engaged, but it's what Stuff and I love to do together, and we could do it for hours!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raking the pool


Doesn't eveybody have to rake their pool?