Monday, December 28, 2009

Nearly done with Christmas

My mother says that I don't post enough.

I say that posting takes a lot of she going to babysit while I do it?

Yeah. I didn't think so.

Christmas is gone, and as always it is with a sigh of relief that I bid it adieu. Thank goodness that it only lasts esentially one month of the year, I might collapse of exhaustion otherwise. We had a lovely holiday, very little drama, lots of get-togethers. Jacob's favorite gift is his Nintendo DS, Kiernan's is her "real live" turtle. She has been dubbed Elizabeth. No, I don't know why.

Mike and I did very little for each other this year, considering the bills from renovating the house this year, starting a new business this year, and medical bills for Kiernans visit to Valley Childrens Hospital in December. I have never made it a year without paying for some kind visit to an emergency room for one of the kids. Mainly for Kiernan. She is beautifully dangerous at all times, I never relax when she is around. Never.

With her I either have this...
Or this...
There is no in between.

I'm trying to decide if I had a favorite part of Christmas this year...apparently not, since no one thing comes to mind. At this very second my favorite part is surviving. Which I did. Yay.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's going on...

Soooo long since I've posted. Life has been out-running me lately. I love all of my jobs, but 3-4 is getting to be too much I think.

The credit union in the morning is the most sensible...It's while the kids are at school, it's the best pay, I am pretty good at it, I love the people.

The Perfect Dress Salon is a blast. It's pretties, and sparkles, and music and friends. I'm creative in ways that stretch my imagination, they let me be free with restrictions.

When I do graphic design I love creating something so many people can see. But printwork takes time...lots of time. Postcards, business cards, logos, web banners...HOURS of work every time. But, so much satisfaction when it's done.

The Celestial Bridal Salon is's Christmastime after all. Spring is coming and I'm hoping it gets busy. How nice would it be if THIS were my only job? The pay of the credit union, the sparkles and pretties of the salon, the satisfaction of graphic design, and best of all time for my final and most important job of all...MOM.

To have more time for classroom volunteering, baking treats, going on field trips. Just hanging out. The kids come and snuggle in my bed in the mornings, but I have to kick them out so I can shower, do make up, hair, find the right outfit. Wouldn't I love to just lay in bed & snuggle for awhile. To make breakfast instead of handing them a cereal box and bowl.

Regardless, things are good...I'm SOOOOO lucky to have every one of these opportunities, when so many others don't. So, I hang on to them all...with a death grip even. For now. One day it will all work it's self out.