Monday, September 15, 2008

Texas Update

We've had several inquirys about how our friends in Houston have fared during Hurricane Ike. I've been in contact with Melanie quite a bit, it's sounding pretty crazy. Here are some Blog updates from friends on how things are going, in case you were curious:

Everybody is well & we're so relieved! We're thinking of you guys!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiernan!

My baby is 5 years old...when did this happen? I'm not okay with it. I still look at her and see a sassy 2 year old, all smiles & baby talk. We had her party at my parents house, it's just the perfect place for a party! My mom & dad have put so much work into the yard and it's totally paid off, at least for us kids. I'd say my sisters and I have had twice as many parties here as my parents have...thanks guys! I did get the "lecture" from my dad about a week before the party. It sounded very similar to the lectures I recieved when we had friends over to hang out in high school. It was something along the lines of: This is our (my parents) house, we're letting you use it, it's not our party, which means it's not our mess, which means there will be no mess left when you leave...right?
It was a fair lecture, I just laughed that I was even getting it, I truly felt 16 again (which actually is kind of nice, since most days I feel about 80).

The theme was kind of random...essentially it was a pool party. The cake was actually supposed to be cupcakes with sharks on them. I had a few issues making them. Have you ever cried over a cupcake? I worked on the stupid things for hours...the sharks were too heavy for the cupcakes so they kept nosediving off of the top onto the counter. Refrost, refreeze, redip, redry... dive! 3 cake mixes, 4 cans of frosting, and 2 mental breakdowns later it looked like a Deadliest Catch massacre on my kitchen counter. If you've never taken a pair of scissors to a cake out of sheer frustration, you haven't lived. :) Out of 18 attempted sharks you can see the survivors on the cake. It was cute in the end, but I'm still scraping frosting off of the kitchen counters.

Yes, I made the tutu. Isn't it darling? An hour to make, 5 minutes on the least I got a picture.
I swagged the backyard in pink tulle and Gerbera Daisys. It was way over the top for a pool party, but you know me. I only got pictures ofthe canopy, but the pool fence was swagged, the big umbrellas were decorated...we LOVE tulle!
It was a fun night, lots of family, friends, food, presents, tulle, flowers, swimming, chatting, and more. Thanks everyone who came, we love you all!