Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eeanie Meanie Halloweenie

What a great Halloween we had this year! Alot of activities to keep up with though. As I was walking the kids into the school Friday holding 2 carved pumpkins, a cupcake carrier, my camera, Kiernans backpack and car keyes I remember thinking "Did my Mom do this?". I seriously can't remember. We do all of these things for the kids & in the end I don't think they remember? Now if we DIDN'T do it I know they'd remember that!

Well, here's a glimpse into a few of our Halloween festivities...enjoy!

I really hope you can tell who they are! I made Kiernans & most of Jakes. No one knew who Jake was (Han Solo) unless he was with Kiernan, then it would click. He was disappointed when people would ask who he was so I finally told him to stand by his sister all day & he'd be fine. It worked.

He had a really cool holster that you can't see in the pic...the clothes were pretty close.

Recognize the pose? Mike had her do that when I wasn't looking. It's favorite pic of the day!
Kiernan & her best friend Abbi. They were darling!


Amy and David said...

Too Too Cute!

Carianne Moore Family said...

Love the costumes! Is star wars as big there as it is with my kids? We have like 7 light sabers, cuz they are so cool!