Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dance Fever

Last night was the Daddy/Daughter Dance at Kiernan's school. The school opens up the cafeteria, decorates it, calls in a DJ, and serves punch & cookies. All in all it's very much like a young single adult dance, but with less root beer.

We had heard that several of the Daddies dressed up for this particular night, so Mike was going to do it right. He called me in a panic on his way home from work that day:

M: I didn't get her flowers!
S: Okay (me thinking this is really setting a presedent here)
M: Where can I go to get some?
S: I don't know, the grocery store?
M: Okay, I'll go there.

It took SIX phone calls(literally, you can look at my phone) from the store to get this flower and get him out of there before midnight.

"red or pink"
"carnation or rose"
"arm band or pin"
"one or two"

Not only did he think of the flower, he even borrowed his dads fancy car! I think this may be the most he's had to think about a date in 10 years! They had a great time, and danced all night long. Here are a few quotes from Kiernan that day:

K: Mom, I need potion.
S: You need what?
K: Potion mom, just like you put on your face.
S:I wear potion?
K: Yes mom, you need potion to make you pretty.
S: *sigh*
(In case you didn't figure it out "potion" is "lotion")

(in back seat of car, sitting with her friend on the way to the dance)
K: My daddy and I are on a date. That means we can kiss.
M: WHOA! Hold on there! Hey now!

And finally, not dance related but funny anyways:
(while eating our cereal for breakfast)
S: Kiernan, you gave me a soup spoon, I need a regular spoon to eat with.
K: No you don't mom, you need that one.
S: Are we out of regular spoons?
K: No mom, but your mouth is HUGE!
Here are some pics from the evening. The first one K is telling daddy that she wants the flower in her hair, not pinned on her, she doesn't want to get stuck. "How do you know that Kiernan. I'll be careful" "Pins hurt, mommy has stuck me". Oops, My bad? Also, you see several of the little girls lined up waiting to be seated at dinner...several of the dads got together and took the girls to Applebees for dinner before the party.


Laura said...

What a special night for Kiernan and Mike. She'll have a sweet memory forever! :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable...I so don't see Jay doing all that, especially the going to dinner with 6 other dads/daughters. Mike is the man!
~Tracy Barnes

Melanie Rossi said...

That's so sweet!