Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

Okay, so I've been tagged a gazillion times to do this 25 things blog, I keep ignoring it because I can't imagine anything more boring Yet the tags keep coming. So here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you!
1. My middle name is Rebecca, named after my moms best friend in high school who passed away.
2. I HATE the smell of toothpaste, it makes me gag.
3. I have worked as an archeologist. On actual excavations.
4. I have worked as a Yosemite Park tour bus guide.
5. I have worked as a zookeeper.
6. As a Zookeeper I got to: arm wrestle an elephant, give a girraffe a bath, rock a baby monkey to sleep, carry around a 65 pound boa constictor for an evening, and scratch the tickle spot on a giant galopagos tortise named Knobby.
7. I have terrible hearing. I have 80% hearing in one ear, and 40% in the other. That is an average of %60 of normal hearing. Sorry if I ask you to repeat things.
8. I used to really hate my mom.
9. My mom is one smartest women I know, I can go to her for anything.
10. Having children is making me do all of the things that I didn't like my mom for.
11. My kids are the best!
12. I always wanted to have 6 kids.
13. Apparently God didn't want me to have 6 kids. Go figure.
14. I only have Asthma when I'm in the valley. So, living here makes me sick. Literally.
15. I love sewing.
16. I'm a very messy person.
17. BUT, I'm also very organized. I don't get it either.
18. My sister Michelle is the funniest person I know! My sister Stef is the craftiest.
19. My sisters are the main reason I wanted to move back to Fresno.
20. My husband is the absolute best Dad ever! If it weren't for the patience thing, he would probably be a better mom than I am too.
21. I hate walking on bare floors! It creeps me out.
22. I'm a secret romance novel addict.
23. My favorite vacation ever was to DisneyWorld with Mike & Jake!
24. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
25. I AM Daddy's girl.

Okay I tag Melanie, Stefanie, and anybody who wants to do it.

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Stefanie said...

Ok so I totally just learned a ton about my sissy I didn't know...awww!! See good thing you did it, right?