Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coleman Family Snow Trip 2009

The first weekend of February was the Coleman Family Snow Trip 2009. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, and cousins all had a great time up in Shaver Lake. Here are a few out takes:

Inside the house was all fun & games. Check out the rousing game of Boggle going on, they must have been a bunch of cheaters because everyone is hiding their papers. There's also a pic of the breakfast brigade, 23 people to feed breakfast, lunch & dinnder to everyday. The uncles all got busy with a morning breakfast of crepes and pancakes. Yummy!
No, you are not seeing things, that IS Kiernan & Lanais in their swimsuits waiting to go outside. The uncles were kind enough to take the lead and they went out with most of the kids into the spa each night. They trekked across ice & snow in bare feet and swimsuits for a little winter fun.
Here is a pic from the Family snowball fight Saturday morning. Kiernan was trying to make a sneak attack on another fort, but as you can see, Uncle Scott caught her in the act.
And finally, a short video for your entertainment. Ths giggles should tell you just how much fun was being had all weekend long.

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