Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to school

Kindergarten! We made it.
This week Jake & Kiernan started school together for the first time. Kiernan did really great & seems to really like her class. Luckily she has lots of friends that she already knows in her class so thats a lot of fun for her. She's been very careful with her wardrobe choices, and I've still been able to put her in pants which is nice. She's such a disaster when she wears dresses, her skirts are always in the air. She fiddles with her clothes alot. On top of all of the new school drama it is also Kiernans birthday. She is the first kid to take cupcakes to school, so we wanted to make them fun for the first week. I borrowed an idea from my sisters Hello Cupcake Book & made sunflower cupcakes with little red M&M cute!
Jake is in a really good class this year with a lot of great kids, we're really looking forward to a great year.

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Stefanie said...

The cupcakes did turn out adorable!