Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lost & Found


Sweet little girl named Kiernan, large hazel eyes, long brown hair w/ big bows, & big smile.
A.K.A. -Sweet Pea, Baby K, or Love Bug
Loving personality, gives lots of hugs, very friendly, tells people they are beautiful. Easy going, travels well & enjoys a variety of foods.


Demon Beast child, approx 4 years old, watery brown eyes, tangled hair & unbrushed teeth.
A.K.A. -Whiner, Little booger, or plain old brat
Cries constantly, talks back, & is extremely defiant. Refuses to leave the house, go to bed, eat, dress, brush, or be agreeable in ANY way.
Has been seen wearing my daughter Kiernan's clothes, and has most recently been seen hitting brothers and as of today...mothers.

If this child is yours, please contact me immediately, so that I may return her to you post haste (no guarantees on condition of returned item).
If you have seen Kiernan, please return her home immediatley...and tell her that her mommy REALLY, REALLY misses her.


Chris and Sally said...

You are hilarious. Kate has become beastly lately as well. Her favorite things to do are make Peyton cry and talk back. Maybe it's the time of year. Who knows?

The Hanks Family said...

I think that it is a little girl imposture that is going from home to home. She was here about a month ago, but has decide to move on... Good Luck until she leaves your house and returns your sweet girl.


gwen said...

Too Funny! Good luck with your darling girl. I've been blessed with 3 "darling" girls at my house.

Tygogal said...

See Please Here

Mindy said...

I understand your frustration. Hang in there!

Amber Staub said...

There's definitely an imposter because there's now way your sweet little Kiernan would act like this new little girl.
I loved reading this post. Channing had her turn with this and I think all girls go through this phase, probable more than once...YIKES!
Thanks for the hilarious read.

Melanie Rossi said...

I hate when you're so funny because it just makes me miss you more! And sure, I'll take the wild child because I know she'll be back to normal in no time. She a sweetie deep down and is only hiding it short time to watch you go nuts. She'll use it against you later so be careful!