Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad Blogger.

I know, I know...I'm a terrible Blogger! I've been reprimanded several times this week. I'm just so freakin' busy between work & the house. I've nearly got the kids rooms done, so I'm going to try & take pics and get them online by wednesday. Is that okay with you people? :)

In the meantime here are some cute videos I found of the kids. Here's one of Jake when we went to the Houston Rodeo. My little Texas Boy had to ride the bull. The video looks like it's in slow motion, but that's the actual speed that the bull was going...he was only 5 after all.

For Kiernans 3rd birthday we got her ears pierced. Is it terrible that I laugh when I watch this video? I know, I'm a terrible mother...but her expressions are just priceless! Thanks Miss Melanie for taking the video for us...

One last one...this is also Kiernan's third birthday. Apparently I am the worlds worst mother...look at what her Birthday treat is! Not only did I force a painful procedure on her, but I couldn't even make the proper dessert.


Melanie Rossi said...

Finally! I'm so excited and now my withdraws will let up! I know I must have a terrible memory because even after watching the video of K getting her ears pierced I didn't remember being there. Did we go eat at Cheesecake for lunch that day? I think it's starting to come back to me. Anyways, me and Jared were sitting here watching the videos and we were cracking up at the end when she says, "Daddy it doesn't hurt"

And the b-day cookie was genius! Also, the last video had me and J cracking up! I loved how she licked the candles as she took them out!

shelbrz said...

Yep, that was the Cheesecake day. Remember when I went up to pay for them!!! "That'll be $45 please!" WHAT!
Kiernan has pretty much been a charachter from day one. She always makes me laugh.