Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angels in the outfield, or out in the fields...

No. Not this kind of angels.

THIS kind of angels!
This last weekend the youth of my church went on a "pioneer trek" to reenact what it was like to be pioneers pulling their handcarts west across the country. Part of the many trek activities is when the "pioneers" have travelled most of the day (6 miles by foot, I believe) as they near the end of their journey they hear a choir of angels welcoming them to their destination...
OKAY, stop right there!
I know. I CAN NOT sing! I know this, my family knows this, my friends know this, the poor people sitting next to me in church know this. I can't sing, hum, or even sway to the music very well. So how did I end up here? Let's just say it was a case of desperate measures being taken. And just a little bit of mouthing the words.
I won't even mention the absence of a real bathroom...or what it's like to traipse through the hills in heels (the only white shoes I had).
Regardless, we drove up past Coarsgold and waited in the wilderness for the weary travellers so that we could sing them home. It was actually very moving. We were at the top of the final hill just above a bend in the road and it was so fun to see the kids, several of whom I have taught, come around that bend and see their faces light up when they saw us. Many tears were shed by the pioneers, and by the angels. Here are the first of approximately 400 kids coming around the bend in the road. Exhausted, dirty & sore...
Me, my sister Stef and niece Jordyn. We spent a fun day together. (Aren't we angelic?)

Stef & Jordyn with the sun behind them. I love this pic!
As we were singing, we positively echoed through the hills. Literally!


Laura said...

What a neat experience. I wish they had done something like that when I was growing up. How special to be able to be a part of it.

The Coleman Family said...

That is so cool!! What a fun and unique experience for all those kids! Very cool that you got to be one of the angels!