Monday, June 1, 2009


Baseball season.....OVER!
School.....................2 weeks!
Dance Class............1 month!

Not having to run around like a crazy person all week long....PRICELESS!

Is it terrible that I am so looking forward to school getting out? I used to think parents who said they were glad school was almost done were CRAZY! Are you kidding, free babysitting for most of the day?! HaH! That "free babysitting" includes homework, studying for tests, field trips, waking up, getting ready, classroom visits, sack lunches, "friend drama", pick up & drop off EVERY DAY.

Ugh, is it June yet?


Amy and David said...

I am right there with you--dance is done, T-ball is done and I only have 3 more days of school. I am just plain sick of it! I am ready for summer and swim time!! Good luck making it to the end!

The Coleman Family said...

I'm super psyched to be finished with school too!! Long lazy days by the lake . . . road trips . . . etc.

Do you have plans for the kids this summer though?! I just went in today to sign the girls up for the summer session of gymnastics. So, we are still going to have stuff going!