Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Sister gets a shower...not because she stinks!

Disclaimer - These pics are TOTALLY out of order...I am apparently so retarded that I can't seem to get them to move around, so please, just deal with it. And I say that in the nicest way possible. Really.

Last weekend was my baby sister Michelle's Bridal Shower Fete put on by the Bridesmaids, me & Stef. Stef and I are the creative, the Bridesmaids are the backers...it works very well for all of us. Here is a sneak peek at the event which turned out great.

My table decor. Birdies, cages, flowers, ect...it was a kind of vintage english garden "themeish" type event. It was fun to decorate for and the bonus is I now have cute decorations for the bridal salon. Sweet.
Cousins, cousins, cousins! All of the girlies had their own table together. Jordyn, Mandy, Kiernan, and Piper.
Here come the Bridesmaids...Ivana, Tierney, Michelle, Joanna, and Meg.
Here you have it...Four generations of Turk Women! I LOVE this picture!!!
The beautiful bride-to-be...I seriously CANNOT believe she's getting married! Stef and I both expected her to be the baby forever and come live with us to keep us from going crazy with our own families. While not a great scenario for her, it suited us quite nicely.
Stef and I hard at work. There's always enough time to strike a pose...
The gift table.
The "Dessert bar". Steffies cupcake fiesta, and Michelles favorite bundt cakes...baby size. We slaved away on the most ADORABLE sugar cookies that we decorated for the party favors and of course got NO pictures of them. And we were so proud of those stupid things too! You can see one on top of the bundt cake tree, it's a wedding dress.

Well, now that that party is over it's time to work on the BIG EVENT! I can't wait to see everything together on the big day...watch for the post. May 22nd, 2009...here we come!

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