Thursday, August 23, 2007

Been there, Done that...

Okay, seriously...didn't I already do this school thing when I was a kid?

When I had kids nobody told me that I was going to have to relive every "first day of school" that I've ever had through my kids! Not only that, but i had to do all the "mom work" too...turning in papers, going to doctors, getting shots (Okay, maybe they did do that, but I had to pay for the ice cream bribes that I thoughtlessly threw out while they screamed like they were having major body parts amputated), let's see...oh yeah, the back to school night, soccer sign ups, school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, stress, worry, and general trauma (again, me...not them). I didn't sleep for two nights. When the day finally came they took off onto the playground the second we hit the school property & NEVER. LOOKED. BACK.! After all of that, not even one longing glance back at mommy. Nope, it was sayonara sister, while I stood at the gate hoping (yes, I really thought this) that no one would play with them so that I'd have an excuse to follow them on to campus to provide comfort. No such luck. As a matter of fact, Jake didn't even want me to walk him to school the next day. My little 6 yr old wanted me to stay home so that he could "Do it himself". *yeah right mister* Why do I have to relive my first day of school drama's (mentally at least), while my children are secure enough to not give it a second thought. Well, hopefully it won't happen every year...hopefully I'll mature enough to be able to deal with the first day jitters. At least by the time they hit high school.

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