Friday, August 24, 2007

The day Krispy Kreme died

Jacob asked me yesterday, "Mom, how come Krispy Kreme closes everywhere you live?". *perplexed frown* "Well Jake, I don't think it's personal."

Frankly, no Krispy Kreme should ever close in a town I live PMS days alone should keep the dang place in business. Let alone cranky days, bored days, shopping days, hungry days, fat days, driving on that side of town days, lost a few pounds days, and any day I decide I've earned it. Which is every day I get out of bed.

To celebrate Krispy Kremes last day in Fresno my sister & I took the kids for one last hit of fluffy, hot, sugary deliciousness. Now let me preface this by stating that I told my sister we could share a half dozen (the kids all had their own bags). Usually I only do two donughts here, I figured three would be a fond farewell. When I arrived at KK my sis had already ordered for all of us because the lines were so stinkin' long for their last day. (Where were these people when KK was deciding whether to stay in business or not. I'd always done my share to support the local fluffy, hot, sugary, deliciousness industy!) Anyways...She informed me that this may be the last KK I may ever eat!!! *gasp...really?* So, yes, I agreed to the Hot & Now dozen! To see how we fared check out the attached pictures. Let's just say that I always pull my weight when doughnuts are involved. When she said, "Look just one left, you may never get this chance again." I knew I couldn't shirk my doughnut duty.

I wanted to throw up all day.

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