Monday, September 3, 2007

Barbie has fabulous teeth!

I made a big mistake this week. I bought Kiernan "Barbie Toothpaste". Well, it's not actually toothpaste made by Mattel, it's good old fashioned Colgate...but it has a stunning picture of Barbie on it, probably taken at a multi-million dollar fashion shoot for A DOLL! I digress. So K was so excited to get this very fashionable toothpaste that she had to use it the minute she found it under my bed. (Apparently I carried the bag all the way to my room & instead of unpacking it I proceeded to move it from dresser to bed to nightstand to sewing table to (finally) under my bed where it seems to have finally gotten out of my way.) Kiernan found it a week later...I'm still not sure why she was under there. She was so excited to use it that when she came to ask me if her teeth looked shiny, I made the mistake of telling her "Yes, they look beautiful...just like Barbie Teeth". Oops. I now find her about 6 times a day in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Now you might say this is a good thing, I am a little less sure of that. Thank goodness I didn't tell her SHE actually looked like Barbie, She'd probably be chugging the stuff after every meal. Unreal...She just now came to me for the second time since I started typing to ask if her teeth looked like barbie teeth? *translation-She just took another hit of Colgate!*

While I find the idea of her brushing her teeth willingly, and regularly, a blessing. I have to wonder at the effects of chugging 8 oz. of toothpaste a day on a 4 year olds internal organs. HOWEVER...if in fact she does start to look like Barbie I'm buying a tube for myself & adding it to all my recipes!

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