Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Looooooong Day.

Well, add me to the list of people down with strep throat. I blame my sister. She, however blames me. Kiernan got it from school (I think) & gave it to Jake, who gave it to Jordyn & Evan, who then gave it to Lukas & Stefanie. They shared it with mom & now I have it. *Dang it* I realized today that there are a lot of things that I've shared with my sisters that I haven't shared with any other people. I have a mental list:
  • Food & Drinks (this includes sharing glasses & utensils)
  • Houses (Both have lived with me, frightening...I know)
  • Kids (Hey, what's mine is yours)
  • Music
  • Friends (Not a good thing as teenagers)
  • Toilets (Yes, simultaneously. This means you Stef)
  • Gas (Don't ask, it's not the car kind. This means you Michelle)
  • Colds
  • Inside jokes (Michelle, need a Tic Tac? Stef, how 'bout some flying Italian Soda? Yum.)
  • Good ideas
  • Bad ideas
  • Hair colors (Brunette, Blond & Red)
  • Cars (I can't believe you sold my Mustang)
  • Vacations (too many to count)

Anyways, now we're sharing yet another cold, which makes me cranky. I'm exhausted & was working on stuff all morning for the craft booth when I finally crashed & had to take a nap. 3 hours later I woke up sicker, crankier, and still just as tired. Mike knows this. I told him, "I'm sick, cranky & tired"...just like that. Over the next 20 minutes he asked me 3 questions that made me wonder why I have to be the girl in this relationship? Frankly, if I were the boy, I'd still be in bed RIGHT NOW! But, I'm not. Here's what he asked: "Are you going to get the drycleaning?", "What's for dinner?", and finally "Have you paid PG&E? You should really get that done." *Blink* Seriously?

Okay, here's the sad part. Since those comments 3 hours ago, after biting his head off for these very comments, I have been to the drycleaner, grocery shopped for the week, paid all of the bills, balanced the checkbook, & made dinner...all with the kids in tow because he went to a church activity. Now I want to die.

On a side note: While I made dinner & coughed up a lung tonight Jake went across the street to play with two other boys his age. I had Kiernan stay home with me which didn't go over well. I let her babble hysterically for about 20 minutes when finally I caught a bit of what she was screeching at me. I thought I heard this wrong...but I didn't.

ME: Kiernan, what did you just say?

Kiernan: *incoherent screeching*

ME: SLOW DOWN! Now breath & say that again.

Kiernan: *gasp* Mommy, you CUT MY HEART OUT!!!! You won't let me go play*sob*and now my heart CUT IT OUT!!!

ME: I'm sorry. *snicker*

Some wierd switch flipped when she turned four & her vocabulary doubled. Her sarcasm level tripled, and her sass quadrupled! My other favorite comment from this week was when she caught her dad popping chocholate chips for a midday snack.

KIERNAN: Dad, whats that?

MIKE: Nothing

KIERNAN: I want some.

MIKE: Of what?

Kiernan: That. *pointing at his mouth*

Mike: Okay. *picking up a stale gold fish cracker from the counter* Here you go.

Kiernan: *Glares at the stale goldfish & squeaks* NO DAD....I don't want your STINKING goldfish! I want THAT! *Points at his mouth, again*

Okay, seriously..."stinking" golfish? Where does she hear this stuff?

So today I have stocked my booth some more (which essentially means I worked), hung out with my snotty sister & our sick kids, Cooked, shopped, been emotionally tore up by a 4 yr old & done other miscellaneous activities with strep throat.

Tomorrow...I sleep. Or die trying.

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Stef said...

Hysterical. (But make sure you put i am snotty physically, not literally.) But you pretty much hit it on the head. It's one of those proud moments I can say I'm glad to be your sister(snot and all)! Love ya!!