Friday, November 9, 2007

Disneyland How-To's

How does a princess go potty?

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How do you keep track of Grandpa...even if he doesn't know it?

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What's a good age to get your first Ears?
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How can you tell a princess is having a good time?

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Which character at the park do children love the most?
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When your out of baby food, does the park provides some for you?

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How does a princess catch the bus?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Shelby,

Tracy fowarded your blog to us and Jeff and I have just spent a fun Sunday morning hour reading all about your family. You should be published somewhere. You are TOO funy !! Really have you ever tried to publish a story in a family magazine ? It might pay for some extra glitter !! ha

We sure did enjoy hearing all about you and your adorable, ER kids. Take care or you will be older than us soon !! ha

Hope to see you again soon. You looked so good at Trevor's party. You really didn't look 50 !! ha We talked about all of Tracy's friends that we have known for unpteen years (really we have known you for over half your life !!) and we agreed that you are the one that looked the same as you did in high school. That's a compliment.

Take care and hope to read more of your adventures.

Love, Glynna and Jeff