Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can I get glitter with my steak?

Well, as many of you already know we went to Disneyland this weekend with my family. We had a ton of fun & the kids loved it, although calling it "the happiest place on earth" might be a bit of a stretch. If you could hear all of the screaming, crying kids being drug around the park by parents hissing "I promise, you'll love it", "happiest" takes on a whole new meaning.

Mike & I spent most of our time apart since Jake & Kiernan are at two totally different places as far as rides go. I have to say, Jake is quite the adventurer...he repeatedly went on rides that had most of us reaching for the barf bags. His favorite phrase this trip was "AGAIN, AGAIN!". Which left the rest of us going, "It's your turn", "No, it's your turn", "He's your kid", *sigh* "Alright". Luckily between Uncle Chris, Aunt Michelle, Grandpa, & Us, we kept him going.

Here's Me, Jake, My Mom, Sister Michelle, Bro in Law Chris, & Tierney on California Screamin

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Kiernan was in princess heaven! We did the princess breakfast which was totally fun, I'll write about it later. She & I went off on our own & had a bunch of fun at the Princess Faire. She was right in her element as you can see...

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She really wanted to go on the stage that looked like a castle, but she wasn't allowed, so instead she took her place on the throne. She loved visiting with the princesses of the court & everywhere she went charachters were bowing & calling her "your highness"...her getup was quite the hit. I kept trying to get her to change because I thought she was uncomfortable, but anytime I mentioned unloading the tulle explosion we called a dress she went into hysterics. Apparently being smothered in 50 yards of tulle really isn't that uncomfortable...who knew?
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Okay, so I have a confession to make (Mike, stop reading here). We stopped by the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" to just check it out. I didn't quite realize that it was a money-sucking pit covered in flowers & sparkles. Kiernan took one look & decided she had to get a salon treatment of some kind (thanks Auntie Michelle!). Generally I can resist *if i wanted to* but when she saw those little girls getting gussied up "princess style" she went nuts. She jumped straight into a chair & gave me "the eyes". Now some of you have experienced "the eyes" (Auntie Michelle, Steffie, & even Amber I think). If she uses "The eyes" consider yourself toast. I went to the counter & asked a question that generally I consider to be tacky, but my sense of self preservation demanded I do it.

Me : "Whats the cheapest thing you've got?"

Apparently thats the face painting. She wanted her hair done, but I choked just a little when they told me the cost. They did have the "full princess treatment" starting at $180.00...I declined that one.

Sooo, we got our face painted.
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Now let me just say...She was in heaven, as you can easily see in the pictures. Now having said that, getting her face painted was about the approximate cost of a nice sirloin filet at at Fleming's. I make this analogy because my stomach is still in rebellion over the two thousand chicken nuggets :::gag::: that I ate over this last weekend. Everywhere we went I shared pizza or chicken nuggets :::gag::: with the kids. What I would have done for a real meal is scary to comprehend. So when I look at that smiling face covered in paint...well, all I see is a steak dinner people, because that's what I would have gotten! My filet is on her face! What's more, after they were all done painting, the girl asked, "Do you want glitter too? It's $2.00 more."'re going to mention glitter in front of a 4 year old & expect me not to say yes?! So...they charged me for glitter. They charged me for GLITTER! Disneyland charged a 4 year old child for GLITTER!!!! One would think that they had some glitter to spare. Apparently we got glitter. On my steak.

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All in all it was worth it...I mean look at her face!
*NOTE- At breakfast Ariel taught Kiernan how to pose like a you think she got it?


Texas Whatcotts said...

I am thankful that I have boys...hahaha :) But she does look so cute - how could you refuse.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun at Disneyland, we are hoping to work it in our plans to go next year.

The Metler Family said...

HA! I love the steak comparison! I can ALWAYS think in terms of steak!!(But she does look adorable!)