Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Lukas!

Last weekend was my nephew "cutie baby Luke's" 1st birthday party. Now anybody that knows my sister will know that she doesn't just throw a party, she puts on an EVENT. I am sorry to see that she is just as meticulous as I used to be and worked her booty off to put on a great shindig. I tried to be the voice of reason for her..."Do the flowers & totems REALLY have to alternate on every third pole?", "Do I REALLY need to iron the tablecloth...again?", "Do you really need to make yellow cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes & have pie?", "HOW many people are coming?", "You want a MIXED DRINK BAR?", ect. Nonetheless, I can see myself doing the very same thing, so I just tried my best to help. Here are a few of the highlights:

Uncle Mike feeding Luke his cake. Uncle Mike is called the "baby whisperer" around here. Poor Lukie was teething that day & not so happy, but the cake was OKAY with him.
Stef asked if I could make the girls matching outfits for the party. Here are Jordyn & Kiernan in theirs, not pictured are Aunt Kimmie & her daughter Piper who also had the exact same tops.
Erica & stef working the "bar". Here you can get a peek at what was going on in my parents yard...pool, bar, barbque, lanterns, leis, music, lounge chairs...
Stef & Luke socializingStefanies good friend Kaipo is from Hawaii. Here is her & her husband performing for the crowd.
Without knowing Kaipo had taken the kids to the back of the house & taught them a Maori (New Zeland) dance, and put them in costumes. Seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THEY? Kiernan loved it!
And the crowd watches...
Heres Grandma Diane & her girls...Here's the Coleman family (I seriously have no idea what is up with my hair?)Here is the whole West clan...Wouldn't be a party if we didn't ham it up a bit...Thats all folks!


Amber Staub said...

Looks like a great party. I love the kids' dance costumes. I wish I could have seen them dance, they look too cute.

Melanie Rossi said...

That looks like fun! You were looking sexy and I liked you hair!