Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I do what I do.

So, some of you have asked me what it is I do at work? Marketing, I say, while being all puffed up because it sounds like such a "big girl" job. Well, here's the skinny...Marketing is what it may be called, but I like to think of it as "decorating", as in deorating everything, all of the time, as much as we can, with other peoples money. YaY! It's been a really great time, and we've had some really fun projects, like juggling hundreds of soda cans, building trees made of money, and dressing up stuffed bulldogs the size of a real great dane!

I've attached some photos of one of the parties we threw because I just happened to find them in my files & thought I'd share. The girls I'm with are the Marketing "crew", minus our fearless leader, Keri, who graciously went on maternity leave so that I could get my foot in the door at the credit union. Me, Erin, Kelli & Michelle had a "member appreciation day" at our Clovis branch. There were games, activities, food, giveaways, & alot of down home fun!

My job rocks!

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