Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday girl Bella!

Last weekend we went to the birthday party of my good friend Tracy's little girl Bella. It was a fun day at the park, and luckily we managed to avoid the 113 degree heat that had been plaguing us earlier that week. I was especially thankful that it cooled off because, fool that I was, I made Bella birthday overalls for her party, not even thinking that it might be outdoors (I forget that I'm in Cali sometimes & that here we do everything outdoors). I tried to let Tracy off the hook on Bella wearing them, but she was determined that Bella would wear them, even if only for 5 minutes. Well, the morning was pleasant & Bella managed to wear them the whole time! Happy Birthday Bella!

Most of you know that my sewing "itch" comes & goes. I won't touch my machine for months & suddenly I'll be on it every night. Anyways, I got a little crazy that week making some tops for my Aunt & her daughter (3 tops in one week) and was on such a roll that I decided to make Kiernan an outfit for the birthday party. I had this awesome fabric & just had to make something out of it! Of course, it had to be for Kiernan. Kiernan is getting pretty picky these days, luckily I've got Peep's to sew for, should Kiernan ever fully abandon me.

Ready to party!
Birthday girl bella & her mom Tracy. Yes...that is a tutu you see.

Bella is really digging that cake, literally!

Balloons, tattoos & face paint, oh my!

Kiernan & my friend Keri's daughter Abbi. Abbi is Kiernan's princess role model, she's always telling me "But mom, Abbi does it". They are in dance class together & quite enjoy each others company.
Tutu cute! Bella & Jocelyn.


hawkins said...

Those overalls are soooo cute!! You are way talented Shelby!

Jen said...

Shelby, can I borrow you. I can't believe how adorable those overalls are!!!!! You are one very talented gal. Just thought I would leave a little note because I couldn't believe how darling they were (the overalls). I love seeing a little windows into your life, hope you don't mind I peak in once in a while!

Melanie Rossi said...

O.K. K's outfit is SOOO cute! Is that the one you were telling me about? And I can't believe how old she and Jake look! It's crazy!