Monday, December 8, 2008

Here's dirt in your eye

A few days ago we were getting ready for school/work ect. I was doing Kiernan's hair and I noticed her eyes were a bit crusty. I told her "Hold on, I want to wash your face. You have sleepy dirt in your eye".
"Sleepy dirt? Whats that?" she asks.
"Well" I explain, "The Sandman comes around at night and sprinkles sleepy dirt in your eyes so that you'll sleep good."
"Whats a Sandman?" she asks now.
"He's like Mother Nature, you don't see him, but he helps you to sleep good by sprinkling sleepy dust on you. Kind of like Tinkerbell dust". Right about here I'm feeling pretty good about myself for my charming, childlike explination of a tale from my childhood. That lasted about 30 seconds.

She then turns tail and hauls booty out of my room screaming, "Jacob!!! A man goes in our room & throws dirt in our eyes at night! *cue the tears* "Mommy, I don't want him in my room. I don't want dirt in my eyes!" *while scrubbing her face with a baby wipe*

The reason I tell you this tale now, is beacuse now whenever she wakes up with crusty eyes I get to hear this;
"Mommy, that Dirtman was in my room again. I don't want him to come in my room. Tell him to stop" *in whiny, upset voice*


Meg said...

You may not want to tell them about the toothfairy.

Melanie Rossi said...

that's a cute story. What a funny girl!

The Hanks Family said...

I hhad been upset with Coreys explination, but maybe I am lucky that corey got that question first and they are eye boggers instead of sleepy durt from the dustman.

The Crandall Clan said...

That is so cute Shelby. I love telling my kids tails and seeing what they think. We are on the issue of Santa Clause with James right now. Is he real or not???

Amber Staub said...

That is hilarious. I guess that backfired just a bit. You never can tell with kids if it's going to be a brilliant idea or a disaster.