Thursday, October 4, 2007

Barbeques, Birthdays, and Ballgames...Oh My!

I thought I was busy in Texas, I really did. Now I realize I wasn't actually busy, I just really filled my time up. Here, in California, everybody else is filling my time up. You see, it's very different.

Instead of taking a whole day to run personal errands (translation- wander around Target aimlessly until I see someone I know, or fill my cart...whatever happens first) & lunch with friends, here we have all of these "obligations". Take last saturday for example...

6:30 am - Hot air balloon festival & breakfast with sister's family & friends

9:30 am - Jake's soccer game

10 am - Craft festival with Mom

11:30 am- Cal Ripken league practice

Afternoon - Misc. errands to prepare for...

4 pm-10:30 pm - company tailgate & Fresno State football game with Coleman family.

10:30 - Crash & burn in the car on the way home & sleep like the dead until Mike rolls us into the house
*Note - No, I didn't attend all of the activities listed above, Mike & I have perfected the art of "divide & conquer". I'm in charge of the girl's team, he's in charge of the boys. These days we're like ships passing in the night, giving each other high fives as we pass each other in the driveway.

Every week is like this, there's a barbeque, or a birthday, or church activity, or family member needing attention, or whatever. I LOVE IT! *i hate it* I LOOOOVE IT!!! *i think i hate it* IT'S GREAT!!! FAMILY ROCKS!!! *i'm living with it*

To be totally honest, I DO love it, but I tired. *yawn*

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Stef said...

You love it! Because if you didn't have any of us to run you ragged you'd be a lonely old maid eating tuna from a can every nite talking to your dog!(unless of course he's offended by your tuna breath and turns his back on you:)Then you'd really be alone.) Yeah, you love us/it! :)