Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Real jobs, pretend jobs, & everything in between.

Yes, yes, I know it's been awhile. Okay all you moms out there let's all say it together..."Life is crazy. It never stops. What's my name? Eat?!?...Eat when?".

Seriously, for a chick who supposedly just sits around the house (just ask my husband), I'm loosing my mind! I'm currently working on the craft booth because I'm going to shut it down. So the goal for the moment is to make up as much stuff as I can, shove it all in the booth & hope it all sells over Christmas.

"What, your closing the booth?" you ask. Yes, I'm closing the booth. Why? Because I live in California. California is expensive. California is really expensive. I'm telling you it's been years since I've had the money grumpies. You know, when your grumpy because you don't have any.

So we've come to the conclusion that I need a "real job", not a "self-employed, part-time, seamstress, designer, decorater, painter, work only when your friends need something job". Hmmm, do I really need to wonder why it's not working out?

So, besides the craft booth I've been working at Jakes school, looking for a job, manipulating my family into helping with the kids so I can get a job, sitting at the computer manipulating the money that we do have so it looks like more (and trying to hide the money I spent before I realized we didn't have any), doing my calling, and filling in the holes with all that "mom stuff". Frankly, I can barely remember my kids names at this point. Lets not even talk about the holidays coming up.

So far Jack & Carolyn aren't feeling too neglected yet. *hmmm, that doesn't sound right* But, they are still a little turned around about living in someone elses house. K keeps asking when we can leave this house & go back to her old one.

So, I'm sorry is busy. If I've neglected you, not called, not emailed, ignored, blown off, or otherwise offended you in some way, sorry. It's not personal, I have kids, ;)

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