Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Teeth *shiver*

I can handle a lot of things that happen when you have kids. Throw up, poo, boogers, backwash, ect. I do great with reptiles, most bugs, and animals of any variety. There is one big thing that sicks me out though...loosing teeth. Wiggly teeth, bleeding teeth, lost teeth, eww, eww, EWW!!!

So I noticed a few weeks ago that Kiernans grown up teeth came in BEHIND her baby teeth. Hmm, that can't be good since her baby teeth weren't remotely loose. I called the dentist to inquire and they confirmed my suspicions, "Bring her in, they'll have to be pulled." EWW.

I wanted Mike to do it, but he's really busy at work this week, so it was up to me. We went in and they took us right back, I guess they didn't want to give us time to change our mind. Kiernan was a total trooper, although the laughing gas may have helped a bit. It's actually a little nose mask that looked hilarious, and sure enough after a few minutes that child was feeling no pain! The Dr asked me to hold her hands which meant I would be right on top of the action...no problem, I'll just look away. As soon as the GIANT clamp for the little teeth came out I turned my head and BOOM...A MIRROR!! *look away, look away, look away* Boom...ANOTHER mirror! *close your eyes, CLOSE THEM!* *peeking* EWWWWWW, Eww, Eww, Eww! Twist, turn, yank....POP!

We went in to have two pulled, but the dentist decided to pull FOUR because her mouth was so crowded. She never cried, whined, or fussed...amazing! I wish I could say the same for me. While SERIOUSLY grossed out, I was commended by the Dr. for not fainting...apparently it happens a lot.

Here she is before and after (remember, my camera sucks), as well as going through the treasure chest for being so good. While the treasure chest is a nice treat, trauma like that deserves a trip to Target! She got a puppy dog & I felt much better.

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