Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Part II

So, I didn't tell you about the BEST part of my birthday. My gift from Mike. He did buy me a gift, it's lovely and all that, but do you wanna know what makes him the best husband in the WORLD?!? He snuck home from work and cleaned the house for me! He Cleaned My House! It smelled like PINE when I got home. Things were sparkling that I didn't know could sparkle!

Now, I should clarify that since I left Jury Duty early enough to go to work, I had to go home to change into work clothes thereby finding him there and ruining the surprise. I know, I suck. BUT, he still did it. Is that not the best gift ever?


Melanie Rossi said...

I'm such a loser! I totally forgot to call you! I'm so much better at birthdays when you live near me! I'll make you a promise right now, I WILL make it up to you when you come visit. That means you actually HAVE to come though! Happy belated b-day and I can't wait to see you!

BTW that was a good present from Mike! I would kill for jared to do that for me, but he has already said that will never happen. He'd rather have the easy way out by buying me something. I'm not going to complain about that!

Amber Staub said...

Sorry for the late Birthday wish. What friends we say lots of nice things about us on your blog and then we forget to call you and wish you Happy Birthday! I'm glad your day turned out better than it started and I love your gift from Mike. What a thoughtful gift from a great husband.