Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

It certainly FEELS like a new year to us. We are finally feeling settled in our new home, we've started attending our new ward (church building), Mike will be going back to work after several weeks off of "required" vacation, and my in and out schedule at work (because of the holidays) will go back to being a normal schedule. The last month or two have been chaos for us.

Today was the first day at our new ward. This is THE most uncomfortable that I have ever felt going into a new ward before. I really don't know why, ward changes aren't anything unusual for us. Frankly, we've essentially switched wards every two years for a long time now. Something about this switch really got to us though. I think we were really just too comfortable where we were, especially being there with Mike's family. The Coleman kids made up half of the primary, at least it felt like it. The ward we are now attending is the first building that I ever attended church in. It felt weird being there, I kept getting flashes of the time I spent there when Mike & I were dating. It felt like being sent back to freshman year, when you should have already graduated. Oh well, it really was fine, I did enjoy it, but it was still a transition. Jacob was spending his time during sacrament writing notes to himself on scratch paper. At one point Mike looked over & Jake had just written this:
"I'm scared. I should have stayed home."
Hee. He'll get used to it just like the rest of us.

I'm thankful to feel like we're getting a fresh start. We continue to work on the house. It's totally liveable, but now we're working on the little extras that make it nice. I've been sewing a lot of curtains & pillows, Mike's been building things for me, the kids are just happy to have their own home. We are truely happy with what we've got here in the house & we look forward to continued improvement.

I have not really made an resolutions, they always get broken. I am just simply trying to improve. Actually, I think this one may work out for me..."improving" is ever so much easier than specific improvements.

Another Jacob-ism:
I was headed to the shower with a new razor in my hand. Jake stopped me, "Mom, why do you have dads razor?"
"I don't. This is mine."
"You SHAVE?!?"
"Yes" *puzzled as to why this is such a shock*
"Let me see!" He then walks up & peers closely at my face.
OHHHHH, I see.
"No Jake, not my face. My legs."

Happy New Year to all of our friends & family. I still don't have a working camera, so blogging may be a bit sketchy for awhile.

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Amber Staub said...

Love the shaving comment. Glad you guys had a great Christmas. Poor Jake! His note to himself is hilarious.