Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Guess what I got for my birthday?
Well? Come on...just guess, you'll never get it!
Okay, ready here it is....

A Cold!
Yay me! Oh yeah, and....
JURY DUTY! *sigh*

Yes sir, I kept thinking I'd get out of it, everyone else does. Sure enough I called in Thursday night and Woo Hoo, I was told to show up downtown at the Courthouse, 8:30 am.

So poor sad me drug my sick booty downtown, parked in the stinky underground, and trekked through the POURING RAIN to the courthouse. On my birthday. By myself. With a cold.

I happen to have a long history of having birthdays that start out sucking, but then turn out great. Melanie was great at rescuing my birthdays for me, every year it turned into something fun when she showed up. Well, here I am again, with another birthday in the crapper and my Melanie is in Texas. What's a girl to do?

Well, first I waited out the first release of Jury Duty people, hoping they would let me go. No luck. My big problem was that I HAD to go into work that day, I had a project (nearly done) that was due on Monday. So, cranky as I was I decided to just go ask if they would let me go. They were very nice and pushed my date back to May. Yay.

Well, the birthday definetly took a turn for the better at work. One of the girls had made a cake, my boss/friend Keri had scheduled a birthday lunch for me, and then my sis Steffy showed up at my office with baby Luke, balloons, and the most GORGEOUS butterfly cupcakes that she and Michelle made the night before. See...

My good friend Tracy was able to come to lunch, and Michelle & Mike took me out to dinner that night.

All in all, a great end to a bad beginning.


Stefanie said...

Well sounds pretty good to me...I sat at home this birthday and did nada. I did go to mom's to sit in peace and quiet to read some chapters I had to read for a class. That was my exciting day. You faired pretty well sissy! lol!

Anonymous said... credit for 36 hours of labor!?!