Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shoes, cereal, and more...

After having lived with my in-laws for a few weeks (which was really more pleasant than I'm about to make it sound), I had a few realizations.  Not the least of which is...being a grown up really is okay.  Seriously.

While the occasional desire to curl up into fetal position and suck my thumb will hit during a bad day; like when your business fails, your child gets broken and you come down with pneumonia all at once, I can still accept that generally speaking. grown-up is good.  To prove my point I have created a list of the reasons why.  Feel free to steal them as needed:

  1. Parking in the garage.  It is a royal blessing to have your car stay cooler/safer/ice-free and to not have to walk through the rain/snow/apocalyptic Fresno heat to get into it.  While we were teenagers mom and dad always got to park in the garage.  Guess who's the mom now!
  2. Sugar cereal.  As I continue to divert my children from the joys breakfast induced sugar comas to start the day, I myself am not opposed to partaking of the occasional gritty bowl of mouth shredding deliciousness that is Froot Loops.  I'm an adult, I know EXACTLY what this stuff is doing to my internal organs.  I just don't care.
  3. Buying candy at the check out counter.  Every time I went with my mom to the grocery store, I lived with the vain hope that she would one day take pity on me and notice how desperately I wanted one of those super tasty Hersheys chocolate bars staring at me right over the conveyor belt.  Now it's my money, my shopping trip, my cholesterol that is paying the bill, and when no one is around to see me it's MY candy bar. Any... Kind... I... Want.
  4. Watching T.V.  While watching tv was allowed with the in-laws here, when the tv was on EvErYbOdY was watching it together.  All Of Us.  As an adult in my own home I cherish the time I have after the kids are in bed to sink myself in the guilty pleasures of prime time tv.  Vampire Diaries, Project Runway, Bones, New Girl, Big Bang Theory...Some are stupid, some are nerdy, some are gross, and some can really be inappropriate, and no one can say a thing about them.  My time, my decision, my guilty pleasure.
  5. No P.E.  I'm sorry, but that alone is worth growing up for.  If you don't understand what I mean by this then you obviously weren't an awkward, overly tall, uncoordinated mess of a girl with no discernible athletic skills.  Even kickball was beyond my ability.
  6. Shoe Shopping.  Enough said.

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