Thursday, October 16, 2014

Faith in God Stake Activity...Be-You-Tiful You!

Last weekend I gave the Fresno Stake Primary Presidency a hand putting on the Faith In God Girls activity day.  I did a little decorating here and there and generally had a great time with all of the girls, little AND big ones!
Here are all of the beautiful little ladies
The poster I designed
The invite that was handed out to all of the girls

They had the theme selected, I think it's a great one don't you?  This is the T shirt I designed at their request. 
Yep, I got my sister involved.  Is anybody surprised?  Cupcakes by Cupcake Stef!

Anybody recognize these pennants?  I made them for my niece Ashley's wedding, they've gotten a lot of action over the last few years. 



Thanks to all of the amazing instructors who participated, SO MANY great lessons were taught and the girls got a lot of great advice for navigating the world today. 

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